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January 2001


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  JCENT Newsletter

January 2001 

TaxMaster 4 Released
Beta Testing Completed

JCENT is pleased to announce that the long awaited, 32-bit version of TaxMaster is now ready for shipping.  Beta trails with the South Carolina Department of Revenue were completed in October with outstanding results.

TaxMaster 4 is the latest version of JCENT's integrated software package for conducting sales and use tax audits.  The program runs on Windows 95/98/NT and 2000 editions.  The newer version incorporates many new features and expands on the integrated and intuitive design of the previous version.


TaxMaster 4 adds much greater functionality and flexibility to its predecessor.  A new explorer-type interface provides easy navigation among audit folders and files.  Built-in file compression and email support add to the many new powerful features.   Reporting has also been enhanced with the use of proportional fonts.  You can now edit up to 200,000 rows with the enhanced schedule editor, which comes packed with many new features, such as case-conversion, highlighting, and exporting to ASCII, Lotus-123, and dBase.

Upgrades are now available to users of earlier versions.  Contact JCENT for pricing or visit their website for further information.

South Carolina DOR Launches AIMS

Audit Information Management System

In June of this year, the South Carolina Department of Revenue entertained proposals from prospective vendors for a 300-user, Audit Information Management System (AIMS).  On July 20, the contract was awarded to JCENT and TaxMaster 4 was chosen to become the new backbone of the AIMS system.  Many sections of the SCDOR will be using the new package, including field services, verification, selection, appeals, and criminal investigation. 

TM4 was delivered to the SCDOR in September for initial beta testing by their Microcomputer Users Group (MUG), a group consisting of several representatives from each district.  The MUG group received a two-day training course instructed by JCENT, followed up by a one-day refresher course, given a month later.  Upon completion of their training, the MUG members returned to their districts to begin training other users.



The AIMS system is a replacement for  an aging, DOS-based software package.   Lotus 1-2-3 has been the primary auditing tool used by the SCDOR for many years.   TaxMaster eliminates the need for the spreadsheet, and brings their users over to the Windows platform.

The new system has met with  remarkable acceptance by the auditors.   "Our people are dancing around the tables," says Tommy Sanders, Special Projects Coordinator for SCDOR, "We are very excited to be getting this!"  And it is no wonder why that is, given the fact that it used to take many hours to write up an audit involving multiple   local taxes.  With TM4, the write-up is handled with a just a few clicks of the mouse.

The SCDOR has configured the software to handle most of its more than thirty flat-rate and itemized taxes.  Support for Individual Income Tax is expected to be added during the first quarter of 2001.



  News Tidbits

Newsgroup in the Works
Plans are underway to launch a discussion group for TaxMaster users.  This will provide up to the minute news about TaxMaster, while allowing users to share thoughts, information, and ask questions.  Plans are to incorporate a newsreader into TM4.

New Website
TaxMaster is not the only one around here with a new look.  We are in the process of re-designing our website to make it easier for you to access the latest information about JCENT and TaxMaster.

Increased Web Traffic Warrants New Host
Our website is now being hosted by ApolloHosting.com.   They offer a direct, high-bandwidth connection to the Internet backbone, for much faster downloads and less down time.

Get Published!
If you would like to contribute an article, tip, or other suggestion to this newsletter, send email to news@jcent.com

Look For Us at SEATA
Be sure to visit our booth at the 2001 SEATA conference on Kiawah Island, SC, July 15-17.   This year's conference is being hosted by the South Carolina Department of Revenue.
Alabama Seminar
An "Introduction to TaxMaster 4" seminar is being offered in February in Montgomery, Alabama.  The cost will be $175 per person, and is open to everyone.   Register now!


Click here to visit the SCDOR website.

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  In the Pipeline
Efforts are now underway to include two major enhancements to TaxMaster 4.  The first includes support for table-based, or variable rate taxes such as income tax.  This will allow the package to calculate additional tax liability based on an adjusted income figures.  Further enchancements in this area will include support for annualized worksheets for each return.

Secondly, features to facilitate statistical sampling and projected audits are in the works.   JCENT has

  received the statistical package requirements from the South Carolina Department of Revenue and will be coordinating with of the Alabama Department of Revenue in the next few weeks to ensure a consistent and comprehensive approach.

Both enhancements are expected to be implemented by March of this year.

  TaxMaster Tips
  One of the new features of TaxMaster 4 is the Automatic Update option.  This option   automatically checks for any updates to the software, rate tables, or template files.

To enable this option, select Setup|Update from the menu, and check the "Check for Updates" option.  Click on "Use Website" and enter jcent.com in the field beneath it.  Click on the Save button to save the changes.

Now each time TM4 is started, the program will check our website to see if a updated version is available.  If so, the new version will be automatically downloaded and installed.  This way, you are always guaranteed to have the most up-to-date version of the software and templates.

You have received this publication because you are listed in our records as a TaxMaster user. News@jcent is a publication for clients and users of JCENT products and software.  JCENT respects your online time and Internet privacy. If you would prefer not to receive this type of email, please send email to remove@jcent.com. We will promptly disable your subscription.  If you have questions about JCENT products or services, please visit our website.

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